Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Counting Down to Stitches 2012

Its almost time again! A knitter's dream of yarn and patterns and knitting accessories all under one roof.  This year I have been trying to budget so I've thought about what my spending limit should be this year (its hard not to blow your budget on fancy yarn!)  I went through my baskets of yarn however and found the following projects I've bought in the past years at stitches.

Whats the phrase? My eyes are bigger than my stomach? I think that fits here. This is just what I've bought at Stitches, not including other knitting projects and sewing prjects (and the cross stitch supplies I bought earlier this week). And I wonder where all my money went to put myself on a budget in the first place?

Maybe I can allow myself a small budget if I find something I have to have. I am thinking "A Stitch in Time" by Jane Waller and Susan Crawford which I have not been able to find here in the US without spending a fortune on shipping.  I will still be going and taking lots of pictures of things I want to buy.  See you all there!

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