Saturday, February 11, 2012

Vintage Family Photo for February 16th.

I thought this pictures was cute. College girls and Sailors. Found this picture in my grandma's scrapbook.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rose Colored Sweater

Why is finishing a sweater the hardest part? I have finished knitting pretty much the whole sweater pictured above but have to sew it together and do the finishing touches and it will be ready. As soon as I'm done with this I have a matching dress to sew together.

Most Important Part of an Outfit

A friend of mine was talking about her grandmother's advice when she said your underwear can make an outfit. At first it sounds silly. What does it matter if you wear a thong or bikini or boxers? As much and I don't want to admit to thinking about underwear I though her grandmother had some good advise. After all, seeing a thong ride up over someones jeans is the complete opposite of classy.

I love the vintage and classic look of pencil skirts but modern low rise underwear just doesn't work when wearing one. Instead of buying granny panties I decided to look for a cute sexy alternative. What did I find? Some black lace, high wasted, garter belt panties in one. I found these on in black and nude. I bought one of each.

Check out their website for more cute underwear and shape wear to make your outfits the most they can be.