Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! I wanted to share a couple things I got from my family yesterday.

I got two vintage sewing patters and several needlework magazines. One sewing pattern looks 40s and the other from the 50s. I'll have to do more research and see if I can find the year. The magazines are mostly from the 60s. Here are a few patterns I liked.

The magazines and patterns came from two of my they know me or what? I had to add this last one as a laugh. A sexy mail order underwear ad!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Psychobilly Schedule

I've got my calendar marked for some up and coming shows at Reggie's and the Beat Kitchen!
First is Sweet Cobra at the Beat Kitchen on March 4th. I saw them play at the empty bottle and they were pretty good. Their drummer doesn't just hit the drums; he kills them as if they were a dead body trying to come back to life!
Next show is on March 12th. Its the Psychobilly Spring Fling! I haven't seen any of the bands on the bill but am always looking for new interests.
Koffin Kats are back at Reggie's on April 29th and it looks like they have a new line up. I've seen them a few times before and love their music. I like to listen to it when I run cause it makes me run fast and angry, lol.
Last on my list is the Krank Daddies opening for Calabrese also at Reggie's. I bought the Krank Daddies cd after seeing them play with the Koffin Kats and am glad I did. I've just gotten into Calabrese and look forward to seeing them for the first time in May. They're playing May 20th, the week of my birthday!