Monday, June 29, 2009

UnFinished Objects

There are 2 outfits I noticed while I was on my run today. The first was a plain black pencil skirt with a side slit...but wait! When she walked I noticed the lining was leopard print. How sassy! I like this use of contrasting lining.

The second was not a good thing. A grown woman in her 20s was wearing a t-shirt with a sewn on vest. You're an adult, you can wear a real vest now. Sewn on vests is what 5 year olds wear.

Below is my list of UFOs. I am happy to say I crossed off the first one earlier this weekend. The first is Ladylike Lace. The pattern was easy enough until I came to the attached i-cord. I must have read this part at least 5 times still not understanding it. It wasn't until I actually started that I was able to understand what needed to be done. I really like the attached i-cord and hope to use it in another project now that I know how to do it.

I also worked on my second UFO this weekend, a yellow vintage pattern sweater. I have now finished knitting the cuffs and sewn it all together. The only 2 things I need to do to finish is sew on buttons and crochet a border around the neckline. Seeing that July is around the corner....this may stay on the back burner.

My third UFO should have been done my December 25th 2008. My brother has been very patiently waiting for his Christmas present. I have finished the back and just need to reknit the start of the neckline, sew together, knit the sleeve and neck borders and I'm finished. And my brother is moving from the Twin Cities to San Deigo. Ah well, he's still gotta come back to Chicago where he'll need sweater vests.

This 4th project has sat idol for way to long. I brought this crochet project with me on my flight to September of 2007. Yup, I've had this project waiting to be completed for almost 2 years. And what is left? I need to sew one side of the shirt, and the sleeves. That's it! What is taking me so long to finish this? Well no knitter likes sewing their pieces together but somehow I like it 10 times better when compared to sewing a crocheted piece together. Crochet just doesn't sew up as nicely as a knit object does.

This was supposed to be my Easter Skirt. Totally cute retro print made into a full skirt. No pattern, instead I used directions from Sew What Skirts! I hope this skirt turns out cause I totally love the look of a full skirt, its so retro 50s. I also need to find the manual to my sewing machine.

This lace project may not wait till last. I have found a new love of knitting lace after starting this. I also bought some beautiful black lace yarn at I'd rather be Knitting in Love Grove. I have to finish this project so I can start knitting a new lace project. I also have to decide a pretty color to dye this lace scarf. This may turn into a Christmas present for someone.

That's it for now. I know I have more projects on needles, but these are projects that I will probably frog. They may yet show up here. We'll see how many other projects I start cause if you can't tell, I totally have crafting ADD.

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