Saturday, January 12, 2013

An Unexpected Knitting Journey

Went to see the Hobbit today and I loved it.  I noticed those dwarves really like to wear hand knits.  Here are some of pictures I've found with some dwarf originals.

I love his cabled gloves and how the pearls look like armor. Also my favorite hand knit from the movie.

Ori and his cabled cowl.
His gloves already have their ravelry page and I'm sure his vest from is soon to come.  Below is a better picture of both his gloves and vest.

Bofer and his two toned scarf.

Bombur and some more fingerless gloves.

I've never been one for writing my own patterns but it sure would be neat to make these into a book of hand knits from middle earth book. I think I need to make an attempt at Oin's gloves at least. 

Did you notice any other hand knits I missed? Which are your favorite?

Photos found on IMBD The Hobbit.

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