Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Historical Fashion

Huzaah! Went to the Bristol Renaissance Faire this weekend.  I wore a dress that my aunt put together about 10 years ago for me.  Here are some pictures of me, my dress and my friend Christine in chain maille.

While I love this dress and have gotten use out of it for the past 10 years (yes, I am a renaissance faire nerd and proud of it!) I can't help but dream of a more elaborate new costume.  I found this pattern at Simplicity and am trying to convice my aunt to help me with it.  It calls for more than 6 yards of home decor weight fabric (which means $$).  I don't think its a project I will be starting soon but I can always dream can't I?

Here are some more pictures from the faire.

Ladies in Waiting, these are the type costumes I would love.


Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I.

A beautifully dressed Lady I stopped in the street. Another example of a dress I would love to have and wear to the faire one day. 

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